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Continental margin-type, ophiolitic and mélange units are exposed throughout central eastern Turkey (e.g. Gürün, Hekimhan and Pınarbaşı areas). These restore as a north-verging Triassic-rifted continental margin that underwent Jurassic–Early Cretaceous passive margin subsidence. Chemically ‘enriched’ basaltic lavas of seamount type are interbedded with and overlain by Middle Jurassic–Early Cretaceous ribbon cherts. Ophiolitic rocks (e.g. Pınarbaşı, Dağlıca, Kuluncak, Hekimhan, Divriği) formed by spreading above a Late Cretaceous northwards-dipping intra-oceanic subduction zone. Emplacement of continental margin units, mélanges and ophiolites onto the East Tauride platform was driven by trench-margin collision during latest Cretaceous. The northern part of the East Tauride neritic...

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