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Upper Ordovician–Upper Cretaceous high-pressure–low-temperature metasedimentary and meta-igneous rocks in the Dursunbey area provide insights into the Tavşanlı Zone (Anatolides) when compared to crustal units further south (e.g. Afyon Zone and Taurides). Schists near the base of the Tavşanlı Zone succession are cut by a small Upper Ordovician metagranite. This is covered by metaclastic sediments that are interbedded with bimodal rift-related basic-silicic volcanics of inferred Triassic age. Above this is a thick metacarbonate platform interpreted as the result of post-rift subsidence. Overlying metacarbonates, metapelites and metachert with metabasaltic intercalations (Upper Cretaceous?) reflect platform collapse. Overlying mélange contains blocks of ocean-derived...

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