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High-grade metamorphic rocks – marble, charnockite, meta-anorthosite, metapelite, clinopyroxenite and garnet amphibolite – have been found in northwestern Venezuela. They occur as: (a) xenoliths in the Oligo-Miocene lavas of Cerro Atravesado, Central Falcón; (b) possibly olistoliths in Nuezalito Formation, NW Portuguesa; (c) in Cerro El Guayabo, an elongated east–west oriented hill in the Nirgua Complex, Yaracuy; (d) rounded clasts of marble in the basal conglomerate of Casupal Formation, Falcón; (e) rounded clasts of anorthosite and sillimanite gneiss in a conglomerate of Matatere Formation, Lara; and (f) basement cores extracted from La Vela Gulf, Falcón. These high-grade rocks probably suffered...

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