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Bulk organic geochemical and microscopic studies (Rock-Eval pyrolysis, light transmitted–uv microscope) were carried out on the shales of the Upper Triassic–Middle Jurassic Shemshak Group in the northern, central and southern Alborz Range of northern Iran. Total organic carbon (TOC) values range from 0 to 29.4 wt% (1.2 wt% on average) indicating a generally poor–moderate organic carbon content. Upper Triassic shales in the lower part of the Shemshak Group have been mainly deposited in marine/lake settings under dysoxic–anoxic conditions, with TOC=0.7 wt% on average. Toarcian–Aalenian shales in the upper part of the Shemshak Group were deposited under comparatively deeper marine...

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