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During Europe–Adria collision in Tertiary times, the Monte Rosa nappe was penetratively deformed in several stages after an eclogite-facies pressure peak: (1) top-to-the-NW thrust shearing (Mattmark phase, after 40 Ma); (2) orogen-parallel, top-to-the-SW extensional shearing and folding (Malfatta phase); (3) orogen-perpendicular, top-to-the-SE extensional shearing and folding (Mischabel phase, before 30 Ma); and (4) large-scale, upright, SE-vergent folding (Vanzone phase, c. 29–28 Ma). Structural analysis and neutron texture goniometry of quartz mylonites show that the Stellihorn shear zone in the Monte Rosa nappe accommodated a complex and multidirectional sequence of shearing movements during the Mattmark, Malfatta and Mischabel phases,...

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