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Coarse-grained, protogranular spinel peridotite xenoliths in the Upper Miocene Valle Guffari diatreme display a complex history for the shallow mantle underneath the Hyblean Plateau (SE Sicily). The mineral assemblage and composition (olivine Fo89–91, orthopyroxene En88–91, Cr-diopside En48–49Fs4–6Wo45–48, Cr-rich spinel with cr-number=25–39) record at least one depletion event caused by melt extraction, followed by metasomatic enrichment. One of these samples (HYB40) hosts a fresh glass vein. Rare earth elements (REE) in clinopyroxenes from these peridotites show three patterns: (1) light REE-enriched (Lan/Ybn=7–17); (2) spoon-shaped (Lan...

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