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Miocene evaporites of the Carpathian Foredeep host an interesting sulphates group of potash deposits, including about 20 sulphates minerals. The study of sulphur isotopic composition of 10 of the sulphates minerals from the Kalush–Holyh and Stebnyk potash deposits shows that only the basal Ca-sulphates (anhydrite) from the Kalush–Holyn potash deposits has δ34S values typical of Neogene marine evaporites (+21.0‰). Potash minerals related to the deposits (polyhalite, anhydrite, kainite, langbeinite and kieserite) show δ34S values from +15.28‰ to +17.54‰, and the weathering zone minerals (picromerite, leonite, bloedite, syngenite and gypsum) show values ranging from +14.73‰ to...

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