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Three works from the early 19th century stand out as having influenced the development of scientific palaeobotany: Schlotheim’s Beschreibungen merkwürdiger Kräuter-Abdrücke (1804, printed by Becker, Gotha), Sternberg’s Flora der Vorwelt, [Volume I: 1820–1821, (Parts 1 and 2), printed by F. Fleischer, Leipzig; 1823–1825 (parts 3 and 4), printed by E. Brenck’s Wittwe, Regensburg: Volume II: 1833 (Parts 5 and 6), printed by J. Spurny, Prague; 1838 (Parts 7 and 8), printed by G. Hässe und Söhre, Prague] and Brongniart’s Histoire des végétaux fossiles (1828–1837, 1837–1838, printed by G. Dufour & E. d’Ocagne, Paris). The text of all three...

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