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Metamorphic and plutonic basement rocks and cover sequences of the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina, have undergone multiple episodes of fault reactivation. Faults take advantage of mid- to late Cambrian, NW-SE-striking, steeply east-dipping foliations in Vendian-aged accretionary prism metasedimentary rocks. Foliations in peraluminous schists, paragneisses and migmatites are deflected into late Cambrian amphibolite-grade high-strain zones. Greenschist-grade mylonite zones and thick retrogressed ultramylonite zones with mainly NNW strikes, easterly dips, and east-over-west movement, affect the metasedimentary rocks and Ordovician-aged intrusive rocks and are presumably related to early Devonian accretion of terranes to the west of Gondwana. pseudotachylyte veins occur in nearly...

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