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ISSN 0016-7606
EISSN 1943-2674
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GSA Bulletin April 03, 2018, Vol.130, 1411-1438. doi:10.1130/B31881.1
GSA Bulletin March 29, 2018, Vol.130, 1439-1456. doi:10.1130/B31891.1
GSA Bulletin March 22, 2018, Vol.130, 1457-1473. doi:10.1130/B31924.1
GSA Bulletin March 15, 2018, Vol.130, 1474-1492. doi:10.1130/B31853.1
GSA Bulletin April 03, 2018, Vol.130, 1493-1500. doi:10.1130/B31910.1
GSA Bulletin March 28, 2018, Vol.130, 1501-1518. doi:10.1130/B31826.1
GSA Bulletin April 03, 2018, Vol.130, 1519-1539. doi:10.1130/B31797.1
GSA Bulletin March 28, 2018, Vol.130, 1540-1561. doi:10.1130/B31858.1
GSA Bulletin March 08, 2018, Vol.130, 1562-1582. doi:10.1130/B31883.1
GSA Bulletin March 30, 2018, Vol.130, 1583-1595. doi:10.1130/B31901.1
GSA Bulletin April 04, 2018, Vol.130, 1596-1614. doi:10.1130/B31838.1
GSA Bulletin May 02, 2018, Vol.130, 1615-1644. doi:10.1130/B31890.1
GSA Bulletin April 30, 2018, Vol.130, 1645-1663. doi:10.1130/B31850.1
GSA Bulletin April 12, 2018, Vol.130, 1664-1674. doi:10.1130/B31793.1
GSA Bulletin April 26, 2018, Vol.130, 1675-1696. doi:10.1130/B31811.1
GSA Bulletin April 30, 2018, Vol.130, 1697-1722. doi:10.1130/B31869.1
GSA Bulletin May 07, 2018, Vol.130, 1723-1746. doi:10.1130/B31714.1
GSA Bulletin May 08, 2018, Vol.130, 1747-1760. doi:10.1130/B31888.1
  • Cover Image

    Cover Image

    issue cover

    Cover: The volcanic “land of fire” of the North Island of New Zealand. In the foreground, covered by winter's ice and snow, “Sharks Tooth,” a remnant of lava flows forming the summit crater of the andesitic stratovolcano Mount Taranaki stands high over the western Taranaki Peninsula, home of the nation's energy and large portion of the dairy industry. This >170 ka volcano produced 16 Plinian eruptions over the last 5000 years—the latest at A.D. 1655. A comparable future event would threaten >100,000 people's lives. In the background, 200 km east of Taranaki, Mount Ruapehu volcano forms part of New Zealand's north-to-south oriented and active Taupo Volcanic Zone. See “Volcanic hazard scenarios for multiphase andesitic Plinian eruptions from lithostratigraphy: Insights into pyroclastic density current diversity at Mount Taranaki, New Zealand” by Torres-Orozco et al., p. 1645–1663.

    Photo by: Rafael Torres-Orozco

    Cover design by: Eric Christensen

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