(v. 5, no. 4, p. 407–419; doi: 10.1130/L200.1)

GPE calculations in this article were incorrect, which affected Figure 4, the equation, and the Data Repository. Because the directions of the GPE gradients and the locations of the GPE highs and lows in the corrected maps are very similar to those in the published maps, our conclusions regarding the GPE are unchanged.

  1. On page 413, there were errors in the following equation and omissions in the description. The correct equation follows and additions to descriptions are shown in bold.

    The rock density is expressed by ρ, the acceleration of gravity by g, depth below sea level by z, the reference depth by L, and the elevation above sea level (defined as z=0) by h. For all rock columns, the integration is performed to a depth of 50 km (L), below which there are no lateral density differences between the density models (Table 3).

  2. Below is the corrected version of Figure 4 to replace the one on page 415.

  3. The online Data Repository file has been replaced.