Oxygen isotopes in detrital zircons: Insight into crustal recycling during the evolution of the Greenland Shield

C.L. Kirkland, M.J. Whitehouse, V. Pease, and M. Van Kranendonk

(v. 2; no. 1; p. 3–12; doi: 10.1130/L80.1)

As a result of aberrant beam centering during the original analyses, oxygen isotope data reported in Tables 1 and 2 are incorrect, with δ18O values that are systematically too high. Corrected data tables and Figure 4 are provided below, based on reanalysis of the same grains. During reanalysis, secondary beam centering digits for both standard and sample zircon fall into very small ranges (Table 1; x = –11 to +29, y = –14 to +6) that are well within values previously determined to yield no significant ratio bias.

The revised values reproduce the same general features discerned from the originally published data set, namely a progressive increase in δ18O to the present day as well as an apparent acceleration in this increase around the Archean-Proterozoic boundary. The single Eoarchean grain analyzed yields a mantle-like oxygen isotope signature of 4.8 ± 0.6 ‰.