We thank Emmanuel Gabet for his interest in our work on the Trachyandesite of Kennedy Table and for the opportunity to more fully explain our methods. We (Hildreth et al., 2021) claimed that various lines of evidence from the lava flow strongly support ∼1° of tilting of the central Sierra Nevada since 9.3 Ma. Gabet (2021) stated, “However, their analyses rely on inferences and assumptions that are not supported by field evidence.” First, he addressed the issue of whether the sinuous lava-flow remnants east of Millerton Lake are fortuitously shaped erosional remnants of a planar lava flow, or whether they are fossilized meanders of the paleo−San Joaquin River, which he terms to be our “interpretation.” We strongly disagree with this characterization. In Hildreth et al. (2021), we treated the meander question as a hypothesis to be tested using topographic data.

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