Hughes et al. (2019) examined possible geologic ties between Cambrian strata exposed in the Salt Range of Pakistan and broadly contemporaneous deposits on the Indian craton to the south. An outcome of their analysis was an argument against deposition of the Cambrian Salt Range strata, and by extension the rest of Neoproterozoic−Middle Jurassic Himalayan Assemblage B, outboard of northeastern India and northwestern Australia (“Assemblage B Deposition and Intrusion East of India” model; fig. 6D and section 7.4 in Martin, 2017). Hughes et al. (2019) instead favored the alternative possibility of deposition of the Cambrian Salt Range strata and the rest of Assemblage B directly outboard of India (“Contiguous Deposition Outboard of India” model; fig. 6B and section 7.2 in Martin, 2017). The objective of this comment is to clarify the following four related points.

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