Ammonites from the pillow basalt associations of the Siquisique ophiolites located in west-central Venezuela indicate a minimum Bajocian to early Bathonian age for emplacement of the complex. The ammonites have been identified as ?Stephanoceras(Skirroceras) cf. macrum (Quenstedt), ?Emileia ex gr. multiformis (Gottsche) et quenstedti Westermann, and ?Parkinsonia sp. This association of cosmopolitan Pacific and Tethyan elements aids in the location of the western end of the Middle Jurassic seaway set between the Tethys and the Pacific Oceans (Hispanic Corridor). The apparent age of the ammonites indicates that some of the Siquisique sediments, pillow basalts, and serpentines are the oceanic remnants of an arrested early phase of rifting between North and South America.

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