The San Jose, Galisteo, and Baca Formations are continental deposits in New Mexico containing Eocene vertebrate fossils. The Almagre and Largo local faunas of the San Jose Formation in the San Juan basin are Lysitean (middle Wasatchian). The Cerrillos local fauna of the Galisteo Formation also is Wasatchian, possibly Lysitean. Strata of the Baca Formation in south-central New Mexico contain the titanotheres Palaeosyops sp. and cf. Manteoceras sp. and are the only Bridgerian strata known in New Mexico. The Tonque local fauna of the Galisteo Formation and fossil vertebrates from the Baca Formation in west-central New Mexico are correlatives of the Lapoint (Utah), Pearson Ranch (California), and Porvenir (Texas) local faunas and are Duchesnean.

Precise placement of the Paleocene-Eocene and Eocene-Oligocene boundaries in New Mexico using vertebrate biostratigraphy is impossible because of a lack of fossils at critical horizons. The near absence of Bridgerian and total absence of Uintan fossils in New Mexico may result from a lack of collecting, particularly in parts of the Baca Formation.

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