Lepidodendron obovatum Sternberg var. grandifolium var. nov. is described from a single, unusual specimen collected from the roof shale of the Beckley coal (Lower Pennsylvanian) of West Virginia. L. obovatum Sternberg var. grandifolium var. nov. is an unbranched stem with attached leaves and with pyramidal leaf cushions. The leaves are long, attaining a length of more than 78 cm; they are sessile, entire, and thought to be sharply pointed. Leaves of such length are not generally associated with Lepidodendron, but with Sigillaria. The description of this new variety of Lepidodendron helps to confirm the idea that there is little difference between the foliage of Lepidodendron and Sigillaria. The unbranched condition of the new variety herein described is thought to represent a young axis prior to the first dichotomy.

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