Extent and Rocks of the Area

The basin of the Ottawa river forms a somewhat extensive area of not far from 60,000 square miles. It includes various geological formations, which range from the oldest crystallines or Fundamental gneiss to the upper Silurian. All varieties of rock are found, including gneiss, granite, and the eruptives of the Laurentian and Huronian systems, with crystalline limestones and schists of several kinds. The softer strata of the Paleozoic formations are all represented in the area, and comprise sandstones, shales, slates, and fossiliferous limestones. As the whole area has been extensively glaciated, there must of necessity be very considerable differences in the products of decomposition resulting from the several agencies to which they have been exposed.

Physical Features of the Ottawa Basin

In the “Geology of Canada”* the distribution and origin of the sands and clays of the lower Ottawa . . .

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