The Sr, Rb, Ti, and Zr concentrations of 16 volcanic ash samples from Leg 19 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project were determined by x-ray fluorescence. The age of each ash sample had been established previously by faunal criteria and had been confirmed by fission-track dating. Variations in the trace-element concentrations through the past 8 m.y. are clearly seen. Seven of the ashes are older than 4 m.y., have low TiO2 contents, and have Sr concentrations of less than 200 ppm; they are thus similar to tholeiitic basalts of island arcs. Nine ashes are younger than 4 m.y. and are similar in trace-element content to andesite. Magmatic evolution of the Aleutian arc over the past 8 m.y. is clearly shown.

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