The presence of elongate troughs of Precambrian X (middle Precambrian) rocks in Precambrian W (lower Precambrian) rocks in the western Marquette district of northern Michigan has been known since the late 1800s. However, little data can be brought to bear on estimates of the depth and cross-sectional configuration of these features. For this reason, gravity models and geologic interpretations were made from gravity profiles measured over the Marquette Trough, Republic Trough, and Mitchigan River Trough.

Gravity-model studies, combined with geologic studies, indicate that near Humboldt, Michigan, the Marquette Trough is ∼2,438 m deep and asymetrically shaped, the deepest section being near the southern edge; near the west end of Lake Michigamme, the Marquette Trough is about 1,097 m deep at its northern edge; the Republic Trough is about 1,524 m deep at a point ∼2.4 km northwest of its southeastern end; and the Mitchigan River Trough is probably a fault-bounded westward-dipping monocline ∼610 m deep.

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