The Kuluncak-Sofular area, located about midway between Sivas and Malatya in east-central Turkey is underlain by a variety of sedimentary, volcanic, and intrusive rocks. The sedimentary rocks have been deposited on a pre-Campanian serpentinite basement and include Cretaceous conglomerate, graywacke, tuff, and limestone; Eocene arkosic sandstone, conglomerate, and limestone; and Miocene limestone and dolomite. K-Ar ages determined for volcanic and intrusive rocks from the same area are 75.5 m.y. for alkalic diabase that intrudes the Upper Cretaceous sedimentary rocks; 74.3 and 71.1 m.y. for trachyte that partly overlies and partly intrudes the same Upper Cretaceous sequence; 65.2 m.y. for alkalic syenite that intrudes Upper Cretaceous limestone; 18.7 to 16.8 m.y. for andesite and basalt that overlie middle to late Eocene sedimentary rocks; and 14.1 m.y. for a dacite plug that cuts Miocene limestone.

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