Truckee River crosses northern Carson Range in a gorge 3000 ft deep, passing east from Truckee Valley, elevation 6400 ft, to Truckee Meadows, elevation 4400 ft. A suggested nonantecedent origin for this gorge is based on headward erosion in the easily eroded pyroclastic rocks which lie on the resistant Sierran basement intrusive rocks. Headward erosion, associated with stream capture of northward- and northwestward-trending drainage from a high volcano enabled Truckee River to extend west of the original range divide, where it incorporated drainage of the western flank and continued by headward erosion into Truckee Valley, thus crossing the Carson Range nonantecedently. Therefore, Truckee River Canyon may not be evidence of postandesite uplift, either by warping or faulting, of the Carson Range.

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