The northwest-striking Nacimiento fault, in the southern Coast Ranges of California, has generally been regarded as the boundary between two major structural blocks: the Nacimiento block to the southwest, in which the basement rocks belong to the Franciscan Formation (Upper Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous), and the Salinian block to the northeast, in which the basement rocks are granitic and high-grade metamorphic. It has been found, however, that in the Burro Mountain area of the southern Santa Lucia Range, the “Nacimiento” fault of Jennings (1959) is nearly vertical and is within the Nacimiento block. In this area, the Franciscan Formation crops out northeast of the “Nacimiento” fault through windows in an older, low-angle thrust fault that brings the Asuncion Group of Taliaferro (1943) (Upper Cretaceous) over the Franciscan Formation. The fault boundary between the Nacimiento and the Salinian blocks must therefore lie farther to the northeast, where it may be buried beneath the Asuncion Group and younger strata. This conclusion is supported by Hanna's recent aeromagnetic work (1969).

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