Progress in tectonic syntheses of the Cordilleran orogen has led to the discovery that structural belts identified as geanticlines in earlier syntheses have later been identified as orogenic belts (for example, Manhattan geanticline = Antler orogenic belt and Sevicr arch = Sevier orogenic belt). Recent work in the Panamint and Inyo Ranges of Southeastern California has demonstrated a major thrust system of Early Jurassic or Late Triassic age. The northeastward extension of this belt may be right-laterally displaced across the Las Vegas lineament to south-central Nevada from where geologists of die U.S. Geological Survey have followed similar structures in a north-northeastdirection toward central Nevada. If a lurther extension of this belt is lound and better data on the dating of Mesozoic structural events is obtained in central Nevada, the long recognized Meso-Cordilleran geanticline may also become a dctormational belt ol early Meso/oicage.

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