Fossils of the Precambrian Conception Group in the Biscay Bay—Cape Race area, southeastern Newfoundland, are found as hundreds of imprints on the top surfaces of the graded beds of turbidite origin. The imprints are grouped into four categories: (1) spindle-shaped organisms; (2) leaf-shaped organisms; (3) round lobate organisms; and (4) dendrite-like organisms. The fossils are believed to be the imprints of soft-bodied Metazoans (Coelenterates) represented by Polyps as well as Medusae. The Polyps may have affinity either to Pennatulid Corals or they may represent new forms of colonial Hydrozoans. Although there is no evidence for ascertaining the age of the fossils, the fossil-bearing rocks are regarded as Precambrian in age based on lithologic correlation.

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