To verify the Precambrian stratigraphic succession in Surinam, four samples of the two main granite emplacements were analyzed by Priem and others (1965). The ages determined ranged from 1825 ± 80 m.y. to 2060 ± 100 m.y., with an average age of 1950 m.y., which agrees with data from Guiana1 and French Guiana. These data indicate that a major event occurred about 1950 m.y. ago. However, a biotite in one of the granite samples gave Rb-Sr and K-Ar ages of near 1300 m.y., suggesting a younger event. The study was based on samples from only four granite bodies and therefore does not provide sufficient evidence for a correlation of Surinam with the other Guianas. More work must be done before the stratigraphical relationship of the Guiana Shield is fully understood.

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