Paleomagnetic examination of the Upper Pennsylvanian, Permian, and Lower Triassic redbed sequence in Colorado seems to have located the Stratigraphic position of the Kiaman magnetic division. The approximate levels of the base and top of the Kiaman magnetic division were located on the western slope of the southern Rocky Mountains and are separated by 4000 feet of Stratigraphic section. The base of the division seems to be Des Moinesian (Upper Pennsylvanian), and the top, Lower Scythian (Lower Triassic), in substantial agreement with Irving and Parry's identification (1963). On the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains all the samples that were measured magnetically have reversed directions, and this suggests that the entire Stratigraphic section examined, which includes the Fountain and Lykins formations and the Lyons Sandstone, belongs to the Kiaman magnetic division.

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