A narrow discontinuous belt of Arkansas Novaculite (Devonian and Mississippian) boulders up to 14 feet in diameter occurs with pebbles and cobbles at or near the base of the Clayton Formation (Paleocene) and extends from the northern city limits of Benton, Saline County, Arkansas, south-westward for 6½ miles. The nearest outcrop of Arkansas Novaculite is 3½–10 miles farther to the southwest. Womble Shale (Ordovician) underlies the boulder bed with angular unconformity.

It is suggested that in very Late Cretaceous or possibly very early Paleocene time flows of debris or mud probably from topographically high Arkansas Novaculite outcrops to the southwest deposited boulder-bearing accumulations to the northeast. Subsequently, advancing Clayton seas reworked parts of this deposit, and only scattered occurrences retain the original character.

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