A bathymetric chart of the sea floor north of New Guinea between 129° and 140° W. long. was constructed, based on soundings of the Recorder Expedition of August 1961 and other soundings, published and unpublished. The tectonic features of the sea floor can be correlated with features in northern New Guinea, especially: (1) a north-south deformational zone which lies north and west of Mapia Islands and links tectonic features in New Guinea to those near the Palau Islands; (2) an east-southeast trend paralleling the north coast of New Guinea; (3) east-west troughs, especially well developed near the equator; and (4) other minor trends. A major left-lateral shear zone may extend the length of New Guinea. Three major periods of deformation have been Cretaceous-Eocene, between Miocene and Pliocene, and Quaternary. The geologic history of northern New Guinea is similar to that of the Darwin Rise.

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