The Schodack type section of green silty slates with limestone conglomerate occurs in Columbia County, New York, in the railroad cut 2 miles south of Schodack Landing. It is overlain paraconformably by black shales with interbedded sandstones. The term, Schodack, has also been applied in Washington County, New York, to black shales with limestone conglomerate which overlie purple and green slates, the Mettawee Slate, and which also underlie black shales and interbedded sandstones, the Hatch Hill Formation. The type Schodack is homotaxial with the Mettawee; the black shales with interbedded sandstones overlying the type Schodack are homotaxial with the Hatch Hill Formation. The term, Schodack, is inapplicable in Washington County; the recently established name, West Castleton Formation, is recommended in this application.

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