Geometry of 15 watersheds in the Appa-lachian Plateau province conforms to Horton's laws of drainage composition in horizontal, or planimetric, properties but not in vertical, or relief, properties. Geologic structure and varying lithology interact to change vertical form elements and cause deviations from Horton's laws.

Geometric similarities and differences in watershed morphology provide both quantitative and qualitative bases for grouping the regions studied into three distinct sections. Dissimilarities, although distinct, are not great.

Simple correlations of hydrologic and geomorphologic features provide the basis for choice of characteristics to use in a multiple regression on peak-runoff intensity. A regression of peak intensity of runoff on basin area, rainfall intensity and frequency, and topography has a high correlation coefficient and is significant at the 0.001 level. Quantitative determinations of geomorphic properties of drainage basins thus have a practical use in basin hydrology.

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