The remarks in this prefatory statement will serve as an introduction for the present paper on Melonites multiporus under joint authorship, and also for the succeeding paper, “Studies of Palæechinoidea,” by myself.

Deep obligations are due to Mr Alexander Agassiz for the opportunity of studying the rich collections of Paleozoic echinoderms in the collections of the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy at Cambridge. Besides an extensive series of Melonites multiporus, this museum possesses a number of generic and specific types and many rare species, as described in the following pages.

For the opportunity of using material, obligations are also due to Professor R. P. Whitfield, of the American Museum of Natural History in New York; Professor C. E. Beecher, of Yale University Museum; Mr C. Schuchert, of the United States National Museum; Professor A. Hyatt, of the Boston Society of Natural History; Professor William B. Clark, of Johns Hopkins University; . . .

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