The Gilman quartzite, Dunham dolomite, Monkton quartzite, and lower Parker slate all contain Lower Cambrian faunas, of which the trilobites Olenellus, Bonnia, Pagetides, Kootenia marcoui, and various ptychopariids predominate; among the brachiopods only Kutorgina and Nisusia festinata are common. The fauna of the Monkton is the correlative of the lower Parker fauna.

The upper Parker contains a lower Middle Cambrian (Albertella zone) fauna with Zacanthoides, Sypacephalus, Kootenia, Chancia, and other genera; all species are new except Mexicella stator.

The reinstatement of the name Georgian series to replace Waucoban series is urged.

Detailed descriptions and faunal lists of all fossil localities in the Lower and lower Middle Cambrian of northwestern Vermont are given.

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