Cenozoic sediments having a maximum thickness of 3000 feet and an average thickness of 1500 feet underlie an area of 33,000 square miles in southern Georgia. The thickness increases at a rather regular rate from the northern edge of the outcrop area southeastward. The total volume of Cenozoic sediments in Georgia is 9500 cubic miles.

Cenozoic sediments underlie all of Florida, an area of 58,560 square miles. During the Cenozoic there were two chief basins of deposition. The one, centered west of northwestern Florida and extending into the western edge of the State, contains chiefly clastic deposits. The other, in the southern part of the peninsula, contains carbonate rocks with some gypsum and anhydrite. Cenozoic sediments are thinnest near the north-central part of the peninsula. The total volume of Cenozoic sediments in Florida is 40,000–41,000 cubic miles.

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