Glacial drifts of Wisconsin and Illinoian age occur in the southern part of the Grand River lobe in eastern Ohio.

The Illinoian, which occupies a belt only 2 to 5 miles wide, extends eastward from Canton across Stark and Columbiana counties. This is mainly till, now discontinuous and thin. Oxidation reaches a depth of 12 feet or more, and leaching 11 feet or more. Small areas of Illinoian kames and kame terraces remain.

In the Wisconsin till, which covers the area north of the Illinoian, oxidation reaches depths of 8 to 11 feet, and leaching 5 to 7 feet. A partially discontinuous end moraine lies 1 to 2 miles inside the southern limit of this drift, and a very strong end moraine lies along the west side of the lobe.

Within the Wisconsin area relatively minor kame terraces occupy some of the valleys. The Wisconsin ice disappeared mainly by northward retreat of an ice edge, but stagnated to a limited extent in small areas.

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