An area known to contain many gold-bearing veinlets, and in which many prospect pits and trenches had been dug, was selected for this investigation. Overburden usually ranging from 4 to 8 feet in depth, and in part composed of glacial clay, wherever panned near bedrock revealed the presence of gold. The amount of gold yielded by panning surface material was in most cases negligible.

Samples from five species of trees were carefully taken in a manner that appeared to eliminate danger of physical salting. Four collections of horsetails were also made from near-by ground which was, however, known to contain much more modest quantities of gold.

Careful analyses revealed gold in every sample but one. Control samples from non-gold-bearing areas with similar climate in no instance provided weighable quantities of gold.

Silver was found in most plants including those growing in areas where there was no evidence of silver mineralization.

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