This paper, containing notice of the principal investigations of early man in America for the years 1940 to 1945 inclusive, is a continuation of a similar compilation for the years 1839 to 1939, published in 1940. Special attention is directed to the conditions of occurrence and to the associated fossils. The term early man is used to apply to human materials that, from the stratigraphic conditions, associated fossils and artifacts, or for other reasons, are believed to be of some appreciable antiquity in a geologic sense. Contributions of recent years include a considerable number of papers relating to the time interval between the disappearance or reduction of the great mammalian fauna of the Pleistocene and pottery-bearing horizons. The climatic fluctuations within this time interval have likewise received attention. The stratigraphic units of the early Recent are being differentiated and named and the contained human materials studied. Through the years some progress has been made in determining the implements used by early man in hunting for and processing particular animals; those used in hunting the bison and elephant are among the best known.

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