In the course of geomorphic studies the writer has had occasion to discuss in the field with many investigators certain problems of river-terrace and coastal-terrace correlation. Among experiences most helpful in formulating his ideas may be mentioned excursions to the Rhone valley with Deperet; to the Central Plateau of France with Baulig; to the Seine and neighboring valleys of the Paris Basin with Chaput, Briquet, De Martonne, and others; to the shores of western and southeastern Australia with Clarke, Jutson, Sir Edgeworth David, Leo Cotton, Richards, and other colleagues from the universities at Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane; to the terraced valleys and coasts of New Zealand with C. A. Cotton, Bartrum, Henderson, Speight, Jobberns, Sylvester, and others; to the shores of southeastern Japan with Uchida and other colleagues of the University of Tokyo; around the shores of Oahu with Palmer and other colleagues of the University of . . .

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