The stratigraphy and vertebrate fossils of the Meade and Kingsdown silt formations of southwestern Kansas are discussed. Correlations are made with other deposits in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Four local faunas are recognized in the Meade formation. The Cudahy, Tobin, and Wilson Valley faunas are considered as contemporaneous and occur in the Meade formation just below the Pearlette ash member.

The Cudahy fauna, a glacial assemblage of invertebrates and vertebrates, is reported for the first time. The mammals recovered consist of 12 genera and 11 species. One genus and 8 species are described as new.

The Kingsdown silt formation is divided into the lower and upper Kingsdown on the basis of lithology and associated vertebrate fossils. The characters of the deposits and the mammalian fossils taken from them are discussed.

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