This is Number 12 of a series of correlation charts prepared under the auspices of the Committee on Stratigraphy of the National Research Council (Dunbar, 1942, p. 429–434). It consists of two units, the first panel, by Cooke and Gardner, showing correlations for the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain and the second, by Woodring, dealing with the Caribbean region. This separation was made because there are still too few key horizons to permit detailed interprovincial correlations.

Both panels of the chart are laid out to correspond with a generalized standard of reference agreed upon by the subcommittee for both eastern and western North America, but the authors of the present chart wish to emphasize that there is little basis for an exact correlation between the Cenozoic formations of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain and the Caribbean region on the one hand and the European standard section on . . .

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