Confusion exists in the literature about the three low benches on Pacific Islands, because height alone is not an index of the ocean level which made them. The lowest bench is now being made by erosion and weathering. The other two were made when the sea stood about 5 feet and 25 feet higher. These higher benches where present have usually been reduced by weathering and erosion and that of the 5-foot sea is readily confused with the present sea bench. The lowest bench, where completely developed, has five components: (1) channeled ramp, (2) lithothamnium ridge, (3) platform, (4) notch, and (5) beach deposits. Benches are described on Guam, Midway, and Oahu Islands and their concordance in height suggests a eustatic origin. A detailed survey of the benches at Amantes Point, Guam, is given.

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