The minerals of the igneous rocks of the Highwood Mountains are described. The primary hornblende of the quartz latites is basaltic and it has been partly replaced by a common green hornblende. Hornblende is rare in the alkalic rocks. Augite is an abundant mineral of the alkalic rocks; in the syenites it contains some acmite, especially on the borders of the crystals. Aegirite is a common metamorphic mineral. The olivine of the shonkinites contains from 12 to 22 mol per cent of fayalite, that of the syenite from Square Butte 50 per cent. Monticellite twinned into trillings on (031) is an abundant mineral in one small intrusive body. In the alkalic rocks barium sanidine is abundant and plagioclase rare; leucite, primary analcime, and pseudoleucite are common and sodalite rare. Natrolite, thomsonite, and other zeolites are widespread and very abundant.

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