Virginia contains a great abundance of limestone, dolomite, and other calcareous rocks. Many of them are of great industrial importance, and others have high potential value.

The oldest calcareous rock is pre-Cambrian. It occurs in narrow belts along the western part of the Piedmont province. Most of the industries use material from the Paleozoic limestones and dolomites in the Appalachian Valley in Virginia. Calcareous rocks to meet almost any need can be obtained there, as all grades from calcareous shale to almost chemically pure limestone and from slightly magnesian limestone to typical dolomite are found in abundance. The Border conglomerate limestone facies of the Triassic in the northwestern part of the Piedmont province in Virginia is extensively used locally. Miocene coquina and shell marl are important in parts of the Coastal Plain.

The value of the annual production from the limestones and related . . .

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