This paper revises and extends the results reported by Gutenberg and Richter in 1938. New data used include: (1) Those of the International Seismological Summary from April, 1932 to June, 1933; (2) a valuable catalogue by S. P. Lee and others, based principally on the records at Chiufeng, China (1938) ; (3) bulletins of the Jesuit Seismological Association; (4) bulletins from the international seismological office at Strasbourg; (5) bulletins of groups of stations, particularly those making determinations of epicenter and depth, such as the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, the Russian group, the Earthquake Research Institute (Tokyo), the New Zealand stations, the Indian stations, and Batavia, Dutch East Indies, with its auxiliary stations; (6) bulletins of individual stations, especially those equipped with vertical-component instruments which report their readings in detail; (7) original seismograms written at Huancayo, Peru (up to August 1937), Pasadena, California and auxiliary station, and Tucson . . .

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