Is the deep trough in which the Dead Sea in Palestine lies a rift valley or a ramp valley? Is it an effect of tension and subsidence, a graben as Suess defined that structure; or is it an effect of compression, a strip forced down between upcurving ramps?

The former is the older view, clearly formulated by Suess (1892, vol. 1, p. 174, 481; English translation, 1904, vol. 1, p. 373) and upheld by Blanckenhorn (1896) and Picard (1931 and Picard (1932). The other explanation was suggested by me.

The discussion between Picard and myself, published in the Geological Magazine for 1932, settled nothing, for neither of us could bring adequately convincing proof of our interpretations, and the old Scotch verdict of “not proven” was the rational one. It has remained for F. E. Wellings, Chief Geologist for the Iraque Petroleum Company, to bring forward the facts which, as I understand them, . . .

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