The future of Canada lies in its breadth. With a known length of 3,000 miles from ocean to ocean the vital question for Canada is how far north her territory may prove habitable.

Significant cropping results have been obtained along the Mackenzie water system north of the Sixtieth parallel of latitude, which bounds the four western provinces of the Dominion. Crab apples have ripened on 10-foot trees on the shore of Great Slave Lake, 526 miles north of Edmonton. Potato vines at Fort Simpson (Lat. 61° 52' N.) grew an inch and a half a day in early July, doubling their height in a week. Beyond the Arctic Circle, potatoes have yielded 300 and 400 bushels per acre. In two years, cereals have ripened in the Mackenzie delta well enough to reproduce.

One surveyor estimates that perhaps 100,000 square miles of the Mackenzie Basin lying north of the Sixtieth parallel . . .

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