General interest in the Carolina Bays was aroused, in 1933, by the publication of a paper by Melton and Schriever,1 in which they suggested that these features were formed by a shower of meteorites. During the past three years, members of the Department of Geology of the University of North Carolina have spent some time investigating these bays,2 although only one major report has been published.3 In that paper, Prouty summed up present knowledge concerning these puzzling features. He pointed out that:

(1) The bays are found only on the Coastal Plain between the Savannah River and Norfolk, Virginia; they are most common near the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

(2) Both bays and lake basins are elliptical, the major axes of the ellipses exhibiting a remarkable degree of parallelism.

(3) The major axes of these ellipses all trend in a northwest-southeast direction despite the changing trends of the coast . . .

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