So many remarkable fossils have been found in the Cambrian rocks of northwestern Vermont that Franklin County has become classic ground for students of Early Paleozoic life. Some of the first well-preserved Early Cambrian fossils ever discovered were collected in that region; and now one of the most surprising Middle Cambrian faunas ever unearthed in North America has been recovered from the St. Albans Shale, in the vicinity of St. Albans.

This unexpected new fauna, which has been named from one of its most characteristic fossils, the Centropleura vermontensis fauna, contains 1 species of echinoderm, 8 species of brachiopods, 3 species of snails, 4 species of pteropods, no less than 47 species of trilobites, and one species of chordate—the oldest chordate yet discovered. It is the only fauna of its kind known in North America; and the only faunas comparable with it that have . . .

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