During the summer of 1933, the writers were engaged in investigations near the headwaters of the Hamilton River system in western Labrador. The expedition was organized to explore for mineral deposits, and especially to investigate certain quartz veins which were reported to exist in this area and to carry important gold values. The reported deposits proved to be of no value. The geological observations made in connection with this work extended over some 300 square miles and are the first to be recorded from this area. A report made by A. P. Low,1 on explorations carried out for the Geological Survey of Canada, provides the only available published information on the geology of adjacent parts of Quebec and Labrador.


The area discussed in this paper lies between latitudes 52° 45′ and 53° 10′ N. and longitudes 66° 35′ and 67° 05′ W., adjacent to the height . . .

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