The writers sailed as guests, in the summer of 1933, on the expedition led by John K. Howard, of Boston, to the fjord region of East Greenland. The expedition assembled at Isafjord, Iceland, on July 31, and sailed north in the Norkap II, a Norwegian sealer which had been outfitted for the voyage in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The geological work was carried on in the western part of Ymer Island, between 73° and 73°30′ north latitude. This island is separated from the mainland by Franz Josef Fjord, on the north and west, and by Antarctic Sound, on the south, each an important member in the fjord system of this part of the Greenland coast.


The general problem involved a study of the structure and the stratigraphy of strata in the west end of Ymer Island. This problem became resolved into a number of specific studies, . . .

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